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1 day a piranna was in a rivver and it had a visitor!!!!!!!!1 (dont forget teh one) it was a fremdly hummybird come to MOCK the pirannah and then the fish tryed to ete the bird and the bird FELW AWAY BECAUSE BIRDS ALWAYS FLY FROM FISH THAT WANT TO EAT THEM THE END I WIN THE ARGUMENT!!!1
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death flu + fasting for wisdom teeth removal + work + wisdom teeth removal + post teeth-removal nausea + post teeth-removal ache = awful awful awful awful awful awful
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I almost cried today over a pair of scissors. This makes me simultaneously sad and amused.

I'm trying to help mum with a big spring clean. (She wants me to throw away lots of my stuff.) In the process I was reunited with a very important little pair of red scissors. They're important only for the fact that I've had them since I was five. They were part of the school supplies mum bought for me before I started year one, and were with me through every school I attended. This is a feat for me, since I'm great at losing things. Somehow my little red scissors endured.
I like to be able to have faith in things that have enough faith to stick by me. This is why I carry around a broken umbrella. In June this year I gave away my black and white cats umbrella that I had owned for eight years. I bought another one identical to the last and it turned out right away to be broken. I don't like the idea of my faith in these umbrellas to be proved unfounded and so intend to keep my broken umbrella until it's taken from me in some way I can't control. Considering I can never hold onto a hairbrush for more than a couple of months I feel like it's important to honour the few things I do manage to keep for a decent length of time

The reason I cried over my scissors is that I put them neatly in a little pile of things I wanted to keep, and when I went back for them they'd been vanished. The work of my mother, who is not very sentimental, and would have seen just an old pair of scissors. I looked everywhere for them, and I have now given up. I don't really like this being forced to clear away my junk. It makes perfect sense, of course, since this house isn't really my home anymore, but it still hurts to feel like I'm clearing myself out of it. I decided to test mum and suggested throwing away the old project on cats that I slaved over in year three. I was eight, and it was a proud moment when I finished my equally loved and hated cats project. She was completely unflustered by the idea and said I might as well! Throw away my cats project?! Never! Mother, how can you be so heartless?!

I am now faced with the difficult task of protecting piles of comic books, soft toys, photos books, and all manner of assorted junk from the same fate as my beloved red scissors.


In other equally pointless e/n news today I:

* Was woken at 5:30am by a funny international text message and smiled much. (Not annoyed about being woken up!)
* Forgot it was the weekend and realised, after waking at 5:30, that I had not set my alarm.
* Get woken up again at 6:30am by alarm - turned off alarm. Excitement!
* Joined a group of neighbours in rushing to an empty lot and stamping out a fire someone had lit, then laughing at how long it took the fire brigade to arrive.
* Befriended an elderly lady named Alice. I am now invited to her house for tea and biscuits any time.


Earlier in the week, as I walked through the front gate on my way to work, I was confronted with a muscovy duck staring bemusedly at me from the end of the driveway. We shared some crackers for breakfast and had a very one-sided conversation for a bit. I like the idea of a duck that is unflappable.


Writing for the sake of writing annoys me. I suppose that means I'm writing to annoy myself.

I don't know what it is exactly about Perth that sucks my joy out, but it does. I feel stifled, bored and cardboardy in Perth. (Fear me if you insult my city, however.)

Vaguely noteworthy things happened today - these are exciting things for my Perthlife:

* Crash on Great Eastern Highway results in my falling asleep for fifteen minutes on the bus while we are at a complete standstill. I am not even a five minute walk away from work, and my bus driver will not let me off because we're not at a stop. I can see the stop, but we're not alongside it, so I cannot get off. Cue ranting about paying for a bus ticket, not a babysitter and nanny states, etc.. but only to my coworkers after I've finally made it to work. Being a temp, that's half an hour unpaid.

* Faux fire in the office. The admin room fills up with smoke, people mill around for about five minutes and then go back to work.

* I formatted a Powerpoint disaplay for one of the Speech Pathologists. I hadn't used Powerpoint before. Thrilling!
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Services offered.

I am willing, for a fee of $5 per call, to talk telemarketers into hanging up on you.

That is my talent!


It must be hard to think of gifts when you're going out with a florist.


Hello, sodyinoz - sorry I haven't been updating!


My life is dull in Perth. I am working - it's alright.
I got my dress for the wedding, and my shoes, and my fascinator.. is yet to be organised. I may have to make it myself. You'd think it'd be easier to find a red fascinator than it's turning out to be. Or I did, at any rate. I am considering wearing a pair of huge, hideous gold owl earrings from Sportsgirl. I'm a bit in love with hideous things at the moment. A pair of khaki, huge-lensed sunglasses from Sportsgirl spring to mind, as do these Converse Democracy shoes.

I'm in a money-saving frenzy. Everything must go! In complete contrast with my last paragraph, I want to sell practically all of my possessions. I've gone minimalist crazy. I want to have two pairs of jeans, one pair of shoes, a few singlets and a backpack.. and maybe hideous khaki sunglasses.

I miss the ease of coming home from work on a Friday, opening a bottle of wine, declaring I want to dance, and finding myself in a taxi headed to Dancingtown in the next four or five hours. According to the never-updating melebella Kipling is full of cool housemates now. And I'm missing out! Last summer was such a ball I can't wait to be back in Auckland. If you say anything to me about the grass being greener (which it literally is in NZ), I will glower at you from over the rim of my hideous Sportsgirl khaki sunglasses (not actually owned by me, but I will go to Sportsgirl, put a pair on and glare into the sky, equating the amorphous clouds with the amorphous internet).

Tonight I am vaguely, and disorganisedly hostessing a some-sort-of media/listening party.. thing.

I wish I hadn't gone to Cheese on Toast and seen the Dresden Dolls are playing at the King's Arms in Auckland, because of what a perfect and intimate venue that will be for them. I am NOT seeing them in Perth, or at all, and I am okay with that because of what a great and mature person I am.
However, if on September 22nd, anyone annoys me they are in for a world of passive aggressive trouble (so probably nothing will happen).


The "funny thing" I alluded to, aussie_annie will be revealed! I promise. I just have to get around to writing about it.


Oh my God, snickety_snick, have you gone to Canada already?
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Note to self:

Sometimes work can be positive and reinforcing.

Today I earnt being called "possum" by a manager, was told I was very bright by a client (primary school teacher) because when she was trying to explain she was "sick but alright" I told her she still had all her mental faculties, and was advised by a coworker I've been chatting to that she's surprising everyone with how much she's talking, since normally the 'mature' office ladies don't tend to talk as they work.

Earlier on I was kicking myself for being stupid enough to miss the pay cutoff for handing in my timesheet, and for my bills banking up, but now I feel groovy. I want to dance.
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